The Money Pump

Welcome to The Money This is a FOREX-related website. It started as a learning endeavor but quickly grew as people realized it's capability to generate profit.

First, a little about me. I'm a 68-yr young Vietnam Combat Vet. And, I'm medically retired. I have lived in the Guadalajara area of Mexico now for the last 13 years and love it here. I'm single, living with my Goffin Cockatoo named "Skipper" for the last 36 years. He's my son. I'm the "pet."

In Feb. of 2012, a friend called and asked what I was doing. I said, "Nothing! And that's the problem!" He suggested I try trading FOREX. I had no clue! He sent me one URL and I started reading. I opened several Demo accounts, burning thru each at Hyperspeed. However, what I read seemed to fit me like a glove. It made sense.

Being a combat vet, I abhore rules and paid little attention to FOREX trading rules. I became a "renegade" trader. I was intrigued by something called "Basket Trading" but could find nothing explaining it. One day, on a forum, I spotted a thread entitled "Basket Trading."

It was hard learning. However, I figured it out and began simplifying the procedure to what it is today. I really got excited when, one day, I made $5200 in 2.5 hrs which fully paid for my first trip to Europe. My best basket week (5 days) has been $28,000.

But I wasn't satisfied! A program called "Auto-Scaler" had just come out prior to my leaving for Europe. For those two weeks, I kept asking myself how to "scale the basket." By the time I returned home, I had the answer. Instead of scaling the entire basket, I'd just scale the three basket leaders. Still not satisfied, I started scaling XAUUSD, GBPCAD and GBPCHF.

I was making more than I could possibly spend. Throughout most forex forums, one reads, over and over, how no one's making money. I had to do something! So, I openly gave the Pump away, FREE. People started noticing and soon, I knew we'd have to leave the forums for our own little haven. That's where you are right now.

WE will NOT go over Forex 101. Or tell you how to load files. You should already know that or watch YouTube vids to know that. This is for intermediate Forex folks. You should have a Metatrader 4 Demo trading platform functional on your computer as we base everything on the MT4.

Also, if you need bells, alerts, whistles, photos, videos to understand words, you're outta luck. I was born in 1945 (old school). Even listening to "Space Patrol" on the radio demanded one think and visualize, forgotten traits in this day and age. Some will require "entry and exit" indicators. Again, sorry. As you learn Money Pump Operations, you'll be required to think and make decisions on the run. You'll find no hand-holding or coddling here. However, if you show a true desire to learn this concept of trading, we'll all bend over backwards to help you become profitable.

I said, it's FREE. But, there's a catch. I expect you to "Pay it Forward!" Once learned and producing, go find someone who is "hopeless" and teach them! That's the cost to you and you're on your HONOR to fulfill that pledge.

First, you will learn how to construct a basket. Everything you'll need will be supplied. Then, you'll learn to operate the basket (there are tricks we've come up with). Next, you'll learn to scale a single pair. Finally, you'll learn to combine the two.

I go by "ezrydn" or "EZ" to my friends. That's how I like things, EASY! We have few rules here. Respect others and their opinions. Speak the truth. Keep the language clean. That's about it. SPAM and I'll ban your whole list of IPs! No material gets uploaded without approval so, in the beginning, run it past me via PM.

Now, relax and, PLEASE, try to forget what you think you already know. It'll be your biggest stumbling block.

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